Generic Clarithromycin

Name Generic Clarithromycin
Generic Name Biaxin
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Fevers are the symptoms of heavy diseases like pneumonia. This type of fevers comes because of dangerous bacteria and its infections.

Biaxin 250 mg
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Before explaining it more, let us take a view on the treatments for this. Since its widely known problem, the treatments are also available in many forms. But the most commonly used way to cure this is taking Clarithromycin drugs. Doctors usually don't recommend this if the patient has other disorders like heart attacks, syndromes, and jaundice and kidney diseases. Even though it was not approved by FDA, it's the best curer out of other approved medicines.


You might need to change the dosage or drugs if you have already taking some drugs. It is better to let the doctors to know everything before taking drugs.



As usual, overdose is not recommended and should be avoided. It even leads to death sometimes. The tablets or liquids should not be kept under warm temperature. And keep it closed all the times and shake the liquid bottle before taking it.


Consumption of Drugs & Side Effects:

Everything will be alright till if you take the drugs as per the doctors advised. Missing or taking overdoses would surely bring you the side effects. No need to worry about it since it is not life threatening.


If you feel like other infections like diarrhea, don't take any medicines for that without consulting. It will bring even worst problems.