Generic Rexogin

Name Generic Rexogin
Generic Name Stanozolol
Manufacturer Alpha Pharma
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Short Description:

 Rexogin is a manufactured steroid that holds capacities to improving testosterone. Testosterone is a normally happening hormone which is in charge of development as well as improvement of optional sexual character. 

Stanozolol 50 mg/ml (10 x 1ml amp)
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        As it is induced as an injection curing genetic angiodema as it may lead to swelling in face, gastrointestinal tract and genital  therefore this drug immediately mixes with blood for effective utilisation. At the point when the patient uses this infusion, shots of its seriousness get reduced.Rexogin is a gotten from dihydrotestosterone, that is comparative in capacity as that of normally happening testosterone. This prescription is in charge of expanding the muscle. At the point when the prescription is utilized by athletic, it gives them quality and pace and they get to be energetic.When the patient uses this infusion, it expands their weight, quality and vitality.


Precautions to be followed while using Rexogin:

           If a patient is already suffering or undergoing treatment for breast cancer, prostate cancer then avoids the usage of the medication. People with hyerclacemia that is increased calcium level in blood should discuss with the doctor before usage and use it only when it advised to do so. Before injecting any other medication in the form of injection consult the doctor as it may lead to severe complications. Diabetic patients consult the doctor prior in the usage as it may increase glucose level in blood. People suffering from liver and kidney problems are advised to avoid the usage of the medication. If you miss a dose skip the dose and follow the regular dosage. Avoid double dosage of the drug. Rexogin may easily intermingle with anisindione, Dicumarol,Jantoven and Lomitapide so discuss with the doctor about the combinations of these drugs in addtion to the drug to avoid complications.



         Rexogin is provided with the dosage of 200mg daily. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms. 


Side Effects of Rexogin:

        Rexogin raises adverse effects such as deep voice, swelling in arms and legs, abnormal menstrual periods, skin rash or irritation, Bulging of breast, abnormal hair growth in face.