Generic Zenegra

Name Generic Zenegra
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer Alkem Labs
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Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg
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Zenegra 100 MG Tablet loosens up the muscles that are smooth in the wall of blood vessels and assists in enhancing the blood circulation in some specific body parts. It really is utilized for the therapy of hard-on problems as well as pneumonic high blood pressure.


Precautions to be followed while using Zenegra:

Maintain a strategic distance from alcoholic beverages since they could expand the impacts of dazedness furthermore build the danger of genuine liver issues.Women who are planning to get pregnant or pregnant ladies should avoid the usage of Zenegra as it may lead to abortion or it may affect the fetus. Breast feeding should also be avoided as the result of the Zenegra over the new born babies is unknown.This drug reduces the blood pressure hence if a person consumes medication for high blood pressure may lead to dizziness due to low pressure. Persons undergoing any heart surgery or dental procedures should avoid the utilization of the drug.



Zenegra is prescribed with a dosage ofas advised because of the medical practitioner. Try not to intake this drug in greater or lesser volumes compared to prescribe. Proceed with the dose routine if this drug is directed for the treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension. Consume this drug at the very least 30-60 minutes earlier sexual intercourse if used for erectile function problems.  Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.


Side Effects of Zenegra:

Zenegra raises adverse effects such as bloody nose, diarrhea, vision changes, painful urination, sleepiness, headache, prolonged erection, indigestion, flushing and sensation towards light.