Terms And Conditions

1. Essential rules for using the website

This website publishes the contents in compliance using the conditions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 which is needed for posting the guidelines as well as rules, privacy rules plus Terms of Service for accessibility or utilization of www.overthcounter.com. You are likely to be submit to the policies, instructions, regulations, which are applied to any service that is offered by overthcounter, as well as you are integrated to the terms and conditions of the website in all aspects. The authority to alter the Terms and conditions devoid of your permission before or communicating with you. So clients are advised to access the terms regularly to maintain the updating intact based on their demands. Accessing of the website after the changes imply that you are bonded to the regulations and we offer you, individual membership and restricted access to the site.

We are generally a one-stop solution with regard to all drugstore demands. We focus to guarantee the accessibility of the top rated medical care as well as medical products in a extremely client-focused atmosphere as well as make sure the company extend to completely to numerous lives as feasible for more effective well-being as well as fitness.

Every customer should register in the website by agreeing the policies and rules of website where the Terms and condition specifying you or user implies client and we or us is the overthcounter company.


2. Member Registration Rules

The website allows only the persons above 18 years of age as it may contain medicines that are not be viewed by minor. If the company identifies the minor account it has the right to disable the account. Moreover, a person tend to be exclusively accountable with regard to safeguarding the privacy of your login name as well as security password plus any sort of actions below the profile will certainly be regarded to  be accomplished as a result of you. If the company identifies incorrect as well as fake details of your profile overthcounter has the rights to completely deactivate the account.

The Account subscription is provided at zero cost providing services such as browse the medicines and purchase the medicine. We also hold the changes are applicable to this free cost accessibility to the site. If alterations are done it will be informed to the customers complying with the policies of the website. Additionally, you may be charged nominally for shipping of the drugs and other specific features utilization and you also have opportunity to proceed the usage of the services by website  or you may want to discontinue it.


3. Interactions with the customers

In registering to the website you adhere in accepting calls and recorded calls, emails, messages from the website through the mobile number, email provided by you during the registration complying the rules and regulations of the website. It is also instructed that if you want to avoid such calls client can indicate through the email order@overthcounter.com. The revealing of the suggestions offered by you will certainly be regulated by the Privacy Policy as well as we will not disclose your details to third parties who are not related to the site.


4. Customer Responsibilities

Client is limited accessibility user of the overthcounter website. You are not allowed to do duplication, alteration, share or publish recreating works of the content that is available in the website. You consent that not to gain access to website through spider, deep-link or any other methodology other than using the proper interface created by the website. Overdoing such activity leads to the offensive action. You also agree that you will not indulge in any activity that interrupts the servers and networks that are related to the website. You should not provide false information to the integration to the website and also abuse or publish or violate the accessibility of others are subjected to offence. Publish or circulate files which consist of malware, damaged files, or any kind of equivalent programs which might destruct the functioning of the Website. Violating copyright, patents, rules, policies and rights is subjected to offence.  Endanger the unity, integrity, security or friendly relationships with foreign states, otherwise trigger incitement to the payment of any cognizable offence or avoid examination of any offence should be avoided.


5. Disclaimer of Guarantees as well as Obligation

You explicitly comprehend as well as accept it,to the highest level authorized by relevant law: any mistakes or flaws in the website, service or other products will be fixed. Your needs will be certainly be satisfied or services offered will be without interruption, well-timed, protected or error-free. To the greatest level authorized by relevant law, we definitely will get no responsibility associated to user content material developing underneath intellectual property rights, privacy, promotion, obscenity or other laws. Overthcounter also disclaims all responsibility with regard to the abuse, damage, alteration or inaccessibility of any user content.

100% money back guarantee only applicable for the following conditions,
1) For the package which are not delivered. These are the generic medications so the color ,size of the pill and the package will differ                from the website images .

Any Order Placed through our website follows the terms and conditions listed below
1. Orders can be modified before the shipment is done.
2. Once shipment is sent no modification will be sent and if the customers does not receive the packages
     they need to bear the reshipment charges.
3. The customers will be informed with the transaction name for the order value and if the customer raises
    any refund with the bank will be taken legal action against them.


6. You are Consuming Medication under your own risk. 

7. Contact us

If you get any queries regarding this Agreement, the procedures of Overthcounter Private Limited, otherwise your feel with the Service, you can catch us at order@overthcounter.com